Writing is a skill which everybody does not possess. Writing is the expression of thoughts and feelings. Free style writing comes naturally when a person sits to down to write and words and thoughts start to flow in his mind and his brain pour outs the ideas which he pens it down in such a compelling manner that it just captivates the reader. It mesmerized the person who reads it and he gets completely absorbed in the writing. But such writers are few and they have the natural talent and passion for writing.

There are many people around us who do not share this passion. In fact, they have a fear of writing. They are good at understanding and interpreting things but when it comes to expressing them through words, they clearly lack the skill. They do not know how to structure a thought and idea into a powerful and gripping writing. They write but their writing lacks compassion. It is just a plain simple statement. It has poor grammatical structure. The tone is not right. There are mistakes in the text and simply represents a text that is not good enough to captivate the reader even for two minutes.

The art of persuasive writing lies in gripping the reader and connecting with him the moment he starts to read. The writing has to be so powerful that it engages the reader and he does not have to put extra strain on his brain in order to grip the central idea of the writer. Effective writing is one in which the reader and writer are on the same mental wavelength and there is mutual understanding between what is written ad what is comprehended.

The writing should be such that it should follow a flow. There are people who have compelling ideas but they do not have grip over their writing. Their writing seems to be jumping from one idea to another. They fail to confine the ideas on a central location. They are unable to present their ideas in sequential manner so that the reader can develop an understanding of the things. Introduction of several ideas simultaneously confuses the reader and since he fails to understand what the writer is trying to tell, he loses all his interest in it and the writing fails miserably.

Similar blunders happen when students indulge in academic writing. They have a good understanding of concepts but when they have to write them down, they go blank. They fail to sum up the information in their mind and present it concisely in an effective manner. Despite having a lot of information, they end up mentioning few points because they fail to express their thoughts through words. They face greater challenges when they have to write major academic papers like thesis and term papers. They then take assistance of thesis editing service that modify and improve their thesis by rewriting it effectively.

Effective and compelling writing skills is a god gifted ability but with some effort and time investment anyone can become a good writer and state his opinions in an n effective manner.